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Seat Cover-A Must for Your Golf Cart

Does your golf cart look unaesthetic, due to dull and torn seats?


Does your golf cart look aesthetically unpleasing, due to dull and torn seats?


It’s time to get seat covers for your golf cart.

There is a general notion that factory-fitted seats will hold up for a long time. But, that hardly happens. As time passes, the seats are worn out.

Apart from the usual wear and tear, the seat gets damaged by sun, rain, dirt and even pets.

Result - Seats start looking dull and feel uncomfortable.

Cleaning the seats regularly is not a feasible solution. Reason? - Cleaning will only remove stains. But, it will hardly repair the wear and tear.

However, you can minimize this damage by getting seat covers.

Seat covers - Important. But Ignored

Many golfers/cart owner tend to overlook seat covers while accessorizing the cart. Many think the seat covers have no purpose, other than beautification.

But, that’s a mistake.

One of the primary purposes of having seat cover is to add an aesthetic appeal to the cart. But, there is another very important, yet overlooked purpose.

Seat covers provide a protective layer.

Seat cover protects your golf cart seat from general wear & tear. Apart from this, it also protects the damage caused by dirt, spills, harmful UV rays, and even pets.

Result - Pristine looking and comfortable seats. Apparently, it also adds extra years to the life of your seats.

The bottom line - You get three-fold benefits from the seat covers.

Invest in the right type of seat covers!

The market is flooded with a variety of seat covers. Finding and buying the right kind of seat covers becomes crucial.

Time for pro-tip to buy Seat Covers

Here an important thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing a seat cover:

The cover should cover the seat well, without leaving any gaps. Therefore, choose a cover that is tailor-made with snug edges to get a perfect fitting. Make sure you choose a material that

Remember, a good seat cover adds comfort and years to your golf cart seat. So, invest wisely. Never settle down for low quality or sub-standard material.

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