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Types of golf cart tires

Types of golf cart tires

For the best trail-forward performance, off-road tires have a deeper, more aggressive tread pattern. These tires' wide spacing between lugs make it easier to remove mud and other debris while you ride. When you're cutting through the thick of it, the tread pattern of off-road tires wraps around the sidewall to help with traction in areas that standard tires don't. Paved surfaces are not recommended for this tire because they will reduce the tread's lifespan—and they are just plain noisy on a cart path.

All Terrain
All-terrain tires are the most common choice for most riders since they provide the best of both worlds. The tread design combines elements from the other two tires. Although the lugs are not as smooth as those on a street tire, they are more compact than those on an off-road tire. This provides enough grip for light off-road driving while giving you a comfortable ride.

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