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What Kind of Lift Kits Should I Use?

Golf Cart Spindle Lift Kits are some of the most popular kits available for their ease of installation, utilization of the factory suspension, wider stance for increased stability, and incredible quality at an affordable price. This lift kit is built around "safety" and longevity unlike foreign lifts that are made using cheap steel. Only Jake's and All Sports manufacturer lift kits with proven quality, easy installation, and unmatched safety. Jakes offers Spindle Lifts with built in Camber (angle of tire to ground) where as All Sport and RHOX give you the flexibility to tune the camber for your particular needs.

Golf Cart Axle Lift Kits are made to replace your existing front axle with drop axle design.  A drop axle lift kit will have a radius in it tapering down to the spindles. This allows you to replace your front axle while keeping the integrity of your spindles. Most axle lifts are less expensive than spindle lift kits. Axle lift kits require a little more time to install than spindle kits. EZ-Go and Yamaha utilize alot of drop axle designs and are supported by Jakes, All Sport and RHOX.

Golf Cart Long Travel Lift Kits are by far the best performing lift kits money can buy. If you are an off road extremest or want a mean looking machine, this is the lift for you. Independent front suspension provides the softest and most comfortable ride with adjustable height settings. DOM tubing, same tubing required in auto racing sanctions, fully adjustable caster/camber, heavy-duty synchronized steering box, and built-in 2" receiver hitch are on most models. 6"-10" adjustable which lengthens and widens wheelbase for superior stability. Long travel kits should only be considered when you are looking at doing some serious off-roading. They are expensive but if what you want to do calls for superior suspension then this is the way to go

Golf Cart A Arm Lift Kits are most commonly made for Club Car and Yamaha golf carts. Most Yamaha golf carts, at least the earlier models, had A-Arm suspension from the factory. Golf Cart A-arm kits are designed to remove your front suspension and almost entirely replace it for a more comfortable ride. This kind of transformation gives your cart an independent suspension for the front, completely removing its factory suspension. Most A-Arm lift kits use circular tubing which is stronger than square and give it a custom look. Probably the best bang for your buck when looking at price and performance. Very easy to install.

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