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The specifications of golf cart tires

1. What are the specifications of golf cart tires

Golf cart is a vehicle for players to play instead of walking, belonging to the field car, do not need to adapt to the actual road needs, so the tire specifications used by it and the tires of ordinary vehicles have a certain difference, so how much is the tire specifications of golf sightseeing car?

Generally, there are three main golf cart tire specifications: 18*8.50-8 (tire outer diameter 18 inches, tire section width 8.50 inches, rim diameter 8 inches), 205/50-10 (cross section width 205mm, tire flat rate 50, rim diameter 10 inches), 215/35-12 (cross section width 215mm, tire flat rate 35, rim diameter 12 inches) .

2. Golf cart tire pressure

The tires used by golf carts are gener ally vacuum tires. Before using, the pressure in the tires should be checked. If the pressure is insufficient, it will lead to vehicle deviation, heavy steering, abnormal tire wear, increased power consumption, etc., so how much is the standard pressure of golf cart tires?

Generally speaking, different specifications of golf cart tires, the suitable pressure size is also different, the mainstream R145/70R12 tires, the standard pressure is 260KPa; The standard pressure of an R155R12C tire is 350KPa. When you need to add air pressure to the tire, you can judge according to the specifications of the tire. If you do not understand, you can also see the instructions for the use of the golf cart.

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